Welcome to Tampa Top Acupuncture & Herbs LLC

Dr DK Kang

Do you have unexplainable aches and pains in your body?
Do you have chronic pain from injuries and accidents?
Do you struggle with insomnia, obesity, fatigue, allergies, constant sickness, and other daily ailments?

If you have tried Westernized medicine to deal with pain management and physical recovery, you might have experienced a gap that the medicine could not cover.

Dongcheul “DK” Kang has an extensive background in scientific research at Howard Hughes Medical Institute and at Mayo Clinic, studying Alzheimer’s, Huntington Disease, Parkinson’s, cerebral ataxia, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

DK is a certified Acupuncture Physician in Oriental medicine and aims to treat the fundamental problems of the human body with a holistic approach by bridging the gap between Eastern and Western sciences. DK is not only preventative, but also offers continuous improvement and providing patient-centered, quality care.

DK’s unique emphasis is to customize a specific treatment plan with acupuncture, herbs, education, and regular follow-ups. DK also specializes in the most challenging issues for which Western medicine is limited, such as stress, chronic headache, constant fatigue, psychological and spiritual health, geriatric diseases, facial rejuvenation, insomnia, weight loss, and much more.

Health and wellness are within your reach.

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DK Kang


29 thoughts on “Welcome to Tampa Top Acupuncture & Herbs LLC

  1. jae says:

    After experiencing much discomfort with my myoma of the uterus, I decided to see Dr. Kang after much encouragement from my husband. The results were amazing. Prior to treatment I had a severe abdominal pain. He decided not to try acupuncture on me, but gave me instruction on Chiness medicine, dietary therapy, massage techniques. After the week, my pain was gone. Dr. Kang makes miracles happen. Thank you

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  2. Uzzi says:

    I was pretty much a skeptic but in my very first experience with electro-acupuncture a couple years ago for previous sports injuries (achilles tendinosis & CMP), I became a believer due to the healing experience. When my injuries began to reoccur due to poor nutrition and low maintenance, that’s when I researched and found Dr. DK’s clinic.

    The first couple of times I went in for these previous injuries. It sped up my recovery (especially when paired with healthy eating habits) and most of all rid of the burning sensation in my tendons.

    Last month I became ill and then began showing early signs of a sinus infection. I called Dr. DK and set up an appointment. He did regular acupuncture on me and prescribed herbs for me to drink for about 7-8 days. Within the next day my sinuses were gone, and – once again, I must stress the importance of incorporating healthy eating – a little after a week all of my cold & cough symptoms were gone.

    I really don’t like going to the doctor or taking medicine not natural to the body, but I love going to see Dr. DK when I need some tuning up!


  3. Andrew says:

    Dr. DK’s practice is effective, reliable, painless, and precise. I was skeptical at first, but the acupuncture really did help relieve my wrist pain, and the cupping treatment alleviated general body soreness. Plus, DK was professional and friendly!


  4. JS Park says:

    Like some of us, I was very skeptical about acupuncture. Even being an Asian-American, I was uncertain about Eastern medicine as it appeared “less than” or even unstudied. But I’ve done martial arts nearly my whole life, and in the last couple years I’ve had chronic knee pain (and was limping half the week) which wasn’t responding to medicine, supplements, or proper rest. At least for me, acupuncture was a last resort.

    After just one session, my knee pain drastically reduced and my limping subsided. Not all the way, no, but it was a hugely noticeable difference. Coincidence? I can’t say that it is. I didn’t change my diet or exercise plan, and I have to conclude it really was the acupuncture. I’m still a skeptical person, but every session has continually kept the pain at bay and my knees keep getting better. I’m surprised every time at how effective it is. It works for me. I hope it will work for you, too.

    Dr. Kang is friendly and knowledgeable. Read his credentials on this website (the page labeled “Specific Remedies & Specialties”), he was a scientist researching Alzheimer’s at the Mayo Clinic among other incredible accomplishments. His office is comfortable; you can pick your nature sounds while he does his work; his process is holistic as he asks important questions about your health that your physician might skip. The acupuncture needles are also thinner than a human hair and you can barely feel them. I’ve seen local customers come and go when I’m there for my appointments, which is a good sign. And ask for the heat lamp; I know Florida is already hot, but that heat lamp feels surprisingly good.


  5. Robyn Dixon says:

    After 1 year of searching for relief from my constant rashes and itching, I am so grateful to have found Dr. Kang. In the last year I went to a dermatologist, an allergist, 2 urgent care physicians, a psychiatrist and my primary care physician begging for relief from the insane itching that came from the unsightly rashes and oozing sores that covered my scalp, arms, back, abdomen and legs. I finally decided try traditional Chinese medicine. How I wish I would have discovered Dr. Kang earlier. I am currently into my 4th week of acupuncture treatments and 3rd week of the herbal supplements, that Dr. Kang has prepared for me. The rashes, sores and itching are, thankfully, completely gone. To me, this has been nothing short of a miracle. My quality of life has improved beyond belief. My energy level has, definitely, increased. I sleep much better and without the aide of any sleep medications.
    Dr. Kang is helping me to continue to improve my immune system. I have discontinued the use of most all of my prescription medications. I knew nothing about traditional Chinese medicine, prior to meeting Dr. Kang. It was through my desperate, year long, search for relief from the skin issues, that I was suffering from, that I came upon Dr.Kang’s web-site. I kept an open mind, at my first consultation, and put my trust in Dr. Kang’s knowledge. I have found Dr. Kang to be completely professional and 100% focused on the patient, throughout each treatment. Thank you, again, Dr. Kang. I am eternally grateful, to you.


  6. Brian Tyms says:

    after trying a series of western methods of treating my aches and pains from the regular season i decided to add acupuncture to my list. DK made me feel comfortable and after two session i saw amazing results in my achillies and knees. If you are new to the acupuncture business i fully recommend DK .


  7. C Scott says:

    After over 3 years of increasing back and deep shoulder pains, and an exhausting journey to numerous physicians, specialists, and therapists, I decided to try acupuncture. A feeling of desperation and a search for relief delivered me to Dr. Kang. After just my 1st session where I received acupuncture and cupping, I left feeling positively euphoric. I will treasure the day I found Dr. Kang and his incredible services. He is kind, courteous and gentle while treating me and his interest in my wellbeing is genuine. I recommend him to the highest degree for anyone in pain. He gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ From me!


  8. NB says:

    I have been Dr. Kang’s patient for less than two months and I can definitely say that I feel much better than I did two months ago. I feel great improvement in my right knee which has been a real problem to me for some years. In addition to my knee being much better, my overall energy level is also greatly improved.. Dr. Kang’s great knowledge and skill in administering acupuncture as well as the herbal mixture that he provided seem to be just what I needed to improve my health.

    Dr. Kang is a very gentle and kind man, he constantly checks with me to make sure that I am comfortable during my acupuncture sessions with him. I had never been to an acupuncturist before seeing Dr. Kang and I am happy to say his treatment has given a great boost to my health, I plan to continue attending his clinic in the future and hope for even more improvement in my health. Based on my experience, I give top ratings to Dr. Kang and fully recommend him to anyone who might want to try acupuncture.

    Thank You Dr.Kang for sharing your gift of healing with your grateful patients.



  9. Sophia Pak says:

    I have been to many herbal and acupuncture places in Korea, Japan, New York and have been going for the past 30 years. Dr. Kang is definitely an efficient and effective. I took my parents who are suffering Alzheimer’s and stroke along with other illnesses that come with age of 70’s. He took a full and extensive exam and was able to pinpoint their needs. He will be preparing 120 individual herbal medicine bags for each of my parents. His pricing is very very fair and honest. I would know because I haven been to many! However , Dr. Kang is so trustworthy that my husband and I are going to. Ring my two children too for their exams and herbal medicine bags for each of our children to help them with their attention and growth of their bones also with extra nourishment to their growing needs. Thank you Dr. Kang!


  10. Adi says:

    I found out I had a gallstone after years of discomfort. I was told I bruised my ribs when I went to the ER but luckily, I know the difference when it comes to different types of pain. So to avoid surgery, I tried acupuncture to naturally get rid of the stones. It worked and I feel so much better. The process is a little nerve wracking at first but I would definitely suggest the flush to avoid surgery if possible.
    Dr. Kang is a very kind, respectful, patient, doctor and as a healthcare provider myself (no I’m not a doctor haha), I would definitely refer him and the procedure to friends and family.


  11. William N. Hess says:

    Being associated with the medical field for 40 years I was extremely skeptical about acupuncture. After numerous years of increasing neck, back and deep shoulder pains, and numerous attempts to obtain relief thru medication, injections and therapy I decided to try acupuncture. I was visiting in the area and was in a lot of pain that was increased by a 2 hour plane ride I decided to call Dr. Kang. I was only in the area long enough to have two treatments one on my lower back and one on my neck and shoulders. I received immediate relief. I have no explanation as to why this worked when nothing else has helped but it has made me a believer in acupuncture. Dr. Kang was extremely gentle and caring about my well being. I only hope I can find someone in my area who will be the same. I will return to see him again on my next visit to Florida.


    • Maura Farnsworth says:

      Well, I was a skeptic. During the last 35 years, I have experienced more surgeries, more hospitalizations, more tests, more therapies and ended up with an embarrassing LONG list of medications. Much more than anyone should go through in a lifetime.

      I came to see DK 2 weeks ago because of a pain in the neck. Don’t laugh like Medicare did. On first arrival at the hospital, I was told it could be a dissected artery, a heart attack or another stroke. None of those possibilities sounded good, but yet they were believable as I was in so much pain. After much testing, several problems were noted but none of them were new. The final doctor who saw me diagnosed the condition as a pulled muscle through the rotator cuff. No wonder I couldn’t use my left arm. They sent me home with pain medicine, muscle relaxers and a cream. Said I should feel better in a few days. I did NOT!!!

      My husband was worried about the effects all the drugs recently given to me were having on my body. He suggested acupuncture. Yes, skeptical but desperate. Mike did the research on DK and was quite impressed with his training and credentials.

      After one month of being released from the hospital, I made my first appointment with DK. All I can say is that this man is a miracle in my life. No more pain pills. The first visit, he was able to pinpoint the most painful area on the first try. Yes, that’s it!!’ The next day I felt better. Evenings were still a problem. It’s been 5 sessions now and I have noticed a tremendous improvement, even in the evenings.

      DK recognized that I had quite a few other problems and chose to attack another one last week. I had immediate relief. Wow! How can this man who barely knows me, fix me. All my western doctors simply practice the art of medicine and it’s so hard to get an appointment, then just to feel you are rushed. DK sets up one hour slots so you know just what to expect.

      In summary, I am a believer. At my age, we can still learn. DK has met my needs and far exceeded what I could ever expect. Thank you for listening to me and taking a sincere concern for me. We have a long drive, but it’s definitely worth it.

      Thanks again,


  12. Amy B says:

    Dr K has been a great help to me. After having sacral cyst surgery several months ago, I was still having pain in the healing area and nerve pain in several spots down my leg. DK is very caring and has helped reduce my pain. He spends as much time as I need to understand what I’m feeling and tailor his treatment to make me feel better. I have seen increasingly better results as my treatments progress, so don’t think that just one session will be a miracle, it is a process that I have found well worth it.


  13. RA says:

    I went to see Dr. DK for my gastritis and acid reflux problem almost as a desperate attempt to do whatever it might work, and I must say he did a great job fixing it. In just a few sessions I was feeling much better, to the point I don´t take any anti-reflux medication. I didn´t remember what it was to live without an anti-reflux after every meal, Thanks Dr.!


  14. sandy bunkin says:

    Must admit I was a skeptic before my initial treatment for painful sciatica pain. After 3 appointments and I almost pain free. Dr. Kang is knowledgeable, kind and makes the treatment helpful and pleasant. So much better than taking prescription drugs.


  15. Steve Roberts says:

    After trying a series of western methods of treating my aches and pains from an old injury, I decided to add acupuncture to my list. DK made me feel comfortable and after the first session i saw amazing results in my back and leg If you are new to the acupuncture business I fully recommend DK .


  16. Alicia Corts says:

    Dr. Kang is kind and gentle as he diagnoses and treats his patients. I was very impressed with the way he skillfully diagnosed my stress, and the treatments worked wonders to alleviate my symptoms. I highly recommend Dr. Kang!


  17. Themika Lewis says:

    I sought Dr. Kang out for nagging shoulder pain. On my first visit he was prompt, kind, attentive and after assessment made a plan that was individualized and specific to relieve me of my pain. I am happy to say I did go to the right place and after 2 visits of a combination of acupuncture and cupping my pain was totally gone. I have passed out his cards and definitely recommend him if you are seeking an alternative means of pain relief from an experienced professional.


  18. Tara says:

    A specialist diagnosed me with a chronic illness that made me suffer from severe pain. Dr. Kang was able to relieve my pain almost completely. I am back to see him for another issue and found some relief from the pain on the first visit. He’s kind and knowledgeable and I highly recommend him!


  19. LOUIS ROMAN says:

    I am amazed at how well accupuncture works! I have had the need to see doctor Kang on several occasions. The first time I visited him was for tennis/golfers elbow. Originally I went to a well know surgeon at who told me there was not much he could do, i had to just wait it out. He said it could take 6 months to two years. After 4 visits with doctor Kang my tennis/golphers elbow was gone!! A couple months later i hurt my back playing golf. So, I went to see a chiropractor who told me I had a pinched nerve hitting my disk. After 10 – 12 visits my back was not improving. I decided to see doctor Kang once agian. It took one session and I was playing golf the next week! What else can I say but “I’m a believer”! It’s unbelievable how this works!! Give it a try!! I almost forgot my wife also went to him for headaches, guess what…. headaches are gone!!


  20. Troy says:

    Dr. Kang is such a blessing. He is so kind and really takes time to find out what is going on. He works on the whole person and treats the cause not just symptoms. His treatments have helped my chronic pain so much. I no longer need my cane. It is easier for me to work and still have energy left for my family. It also helped accelerate my weight loss paired with my healthy eating plan. I am also sleeping better. I’m so glad I decided to go to his clinic! I would recommend him to anyone who is in need a pain relief and wants to feel better overall.


  21. Misti Song says:

    So I just finished my session, about a half hour ago. Already I have more motion back into my foot that has ailed me for a few months now! I highly recommend trying this technique.👍🏻


  22. Patchara Cahoon says:

    I had severe migraines. I even went though a procedure called Radio frequency ablation where they burned my nerves which interrupts pain signals. This procedure works for about 6 months-2 years but you have to go back and do it again when the nerves regenerate. I was just about to go back to repeat this procedure again because my migraines came back. I take different kinds off migraine medicine everyday but nothing helps much. I decided to try Acupuncture before going back for another painful procedure. I’m so glad I did. IT WORKED!! Like magic. After 4 sessions of acupuncture, my headache is better. I no longer have headaches everyday like before and if I do have a migraine, I only have to take excedrine migraine (over the counter) and it’s GONE. In those 4 sessions, he also treated me for allergies that I have been suffering from for at least 19 years now . Normally I have to take allergy meds around the clock, including nose spray and eye drops. It’s been a week and I’m not taking anything!! So far Dr. Kang and his acupuncture has worked for me. I recommend him to anyone who suffers from severe migraines before going to RFA.


  23. SK Neal says:

    Dr. Kang is an amazing doctor and his treatments have achieved amazing results!!! I came to Dr. Kang with a myriad of chronic conditions , the most urgent being life threatening chronic pneumonia. Prior to Dr. Kang I required many hospitalizations which had become frightfully frequent and stays disturbingly longer. In only a few shorts months, he has cured my lung problems!!! I breath now with ease and my American doctors are amazed! Unlike American medicine, Dr. Kang takes so much time with patients to understand what ails their bodies. Dr. Kang has succeeded in improving and curing ailments that other doctors have not (American medicine & other Oriental doctors)!!! I may have come to him for my lung problems but he has improved my overall health significantly!!! His treatments have stunningly improved my fatigue, nerve pain, gastrointestinal issues, sleeping issues, depression, allergies, joint pain, and many more!!! Dr. Kang is a great healer and I’m so appreciative of all his astonishing wisdom and remarkably intuitive treatments!!! It is an honor and a privilege to be treated by Dr. Kang. Thank you, SK Neal


  24. Susan Peck says:

    I have been seeing Dr Kang for a few weeks now and I feel better than I have in 10 years. Not a day went by when I didn’t have back pain. I have tried every treatment including chiropractic care, physical therapy, yoga, heat, cold, RFA (Radio Frequency Abrasion), pain medication and nothing lasts more than a day. The acupuncture treatments performed by Dr Kang work – I don’t know how it works but it does! My mood has improved greatly, I’m happy again, sleeping better than ever and looking forward to every day. Thank you Dr Kang!


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