Specific Remedies & Specialties


At the Tampa Top Acupuncture & Herbs LLC, we are here to serve you both body and soul. We will care for you with the entire spectrum of treatment, not only providing time-tested therapy from the ancient times but also modernized oriental medical remedies to maximize your well-being.

We are not only preventative, but we also want to see you restored with refreshed energy, a new outlook, and continous improvement. Our unique emphasis on integrative medicine can customize a specific treatment plan with acupuncture, herbs, holistic education, and regular follow-ups.

We also specialize in the most challenging issues for which Western medicine is limited, such as:

– Stress
– Chronic headache
– Constant fatigue
– Psychological and spiritual health
– Geriatric diseases
– Facial rejuvenation
– Insomnia
– Weight loss
– Pain Management
– Wellness
– Stress
– Addiction
– Anxiety
– Chronic Fatigue
– Headache
– Migraine
– Nutrition
– Pediatric
– Shoulder, Lower Back, & Neck Pains
– Smoking
– Urology
– Allergies
– Arthritis
– Depression
– Fibromyalgia
– Infertility
– Muscle Aches
– Sciatica
– Sleep Disorders
– Sports Medicine
– Common cold
– Skin Problems
– And much more.

We do more than treat symptoms: we are about providing quality, patient-centered care.

Career and Experiences:

– Licensed as Acupuncture Physician in Florida. License Number: AP 3615

– Previous Director of Jacksonville Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic LLC.

– Studied Acupuncture at Florida College of Integrative Medicine, graduated Suma Cum Laude with Bachelor of Professional Health Studies and Master in Science in Oriental medicine.

– Worked as a Research Scientist for 17 years at Baylor College of Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Houston, and Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

– Studied Molecular & Cell Biology at University of Texas in Dallas, graduated with Master and finished PhD program.

– Worked as a patent applicant in pharmaceutical company related to interferon and hepatitis B vaccine (C.J.), Samsung Group in South Korea.

– Graduated with B.S. in Biological Science in SungKyunKwan University in South Korea, Valedictorian among 5000 Graduates.


One thought on “Specific Remedies & Specialties

  1. Debra flood says:

    I am aprofessional entrepreneur who has owned a salon / day spa for thirty years. I will say I had neck,back, arm pain because the pain is now a past issue thanks to the treatment I receicved from a most excellent acupuncture physician,Dongcheul Kang. I give credit where credit is due ,thank you for a pain free body once again.


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